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What is a Stroke ?

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Prevent Strokes

Stroke is ” brain attack “  layman terms.

In the body, the blood takes the micron clot to the brain. The effect it blocks small artery in the brain. Then the blood vessel in the brain bursts because blood clot. After the bursting, blood flood into surrounding tissue. The doctor say is Cerebral Hemorrhage. The time is very important, the cell in the brain slowly become regenerative many problems occur because of cell death lack of oxygen in the brain.

In the world, stroke is the third medical condition contributing cause of death. Every 440 seconds someone in the world has a stroke. It cause of long-term disability. Unfortunately, 30% of stroke patients do not survive the first year, and many who do survive are unable to return to work.

Hi there, My name is Allan Foo, stroke survivor,

In the April, 2007, I was 43 years old, the last day of the comfortable live, I was on the way on home driving my car, my hand and leg can feel numbness in the surrounding. the energy in the leg and hand slowly diminishing. I don’t know is a Stroke attack my body. I take rest in the emergency lane, I have dozed out not the knowing the time. Something struck my mind, somebody shouting outside the car. A man ask me, what are you do in the late night in the highway ? I want to speak but the stroke get my speech like a 3 month baby speaking.

To cut my story short, I was diagnosed by doctor is stroke, severed stroke ( left hemisphere injury resulting my right side paralysis or stroke paralysis) experiences all of the following problems of:

  • Body Weakness,
  • Paralysis on the Right side of the body,
  • Aphasia (speech problem), write (expression), difficult intellectual and acceptant written language,
  • Short term memory problems,
  • Spasm (spatial) problems,
  • Anxiety behavior way.

What types problems and difficulties facing Stroke Survivor ?

The extent of damage of the brain, the stroke survivor must overcome obstacles depends largely on the type of stroke. The stroke survivor may seem a different person, showing feelings of anger, caution or anxiety that are completely out of character and emotional changes response. Stroke survivor is how to manage their daily lives, advance in their physical and mental therapy, not least rejoin activities family.

Stroke Survivor struggle with the rehabilitation therapy, someday the therapy is very hard plus anxiety, fear, and frustration can be enormous to accomplish

Spastic may occur in some stroke survivors . Why ? I am not a doctor and experiences say where the limbs are affected by range of motion or where the hands and legs become tighten in a grip that is not in control. How to avoids this ? Walking or hand motions is the solutions.

Someday, I have problem with bladder and bowel, can not control happens suddenly. Along with swallowing problems, stroke survivors may have incontinence and excessive weight loss.

Aphasia is second biggest problem on the stroke survivors, speech is become floppy or garbled, you may want to consider a speech therapist, believe it after attending the class the speech therapy show ways to speak, correctly and how to generate words in the brain.

Perseverance and determination is the main factors and essential overcoming the effects of a stroke. By regaining positive power, positive attitude and independence, I suggest stroke survivor to use the computer, gain confidence to write the content and increase memory power, which is an integral component of recuperation. Recovering from certain types of stroke takes a lot of effort months and years.

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High Blood Pressure


In 3-6 months, I have suffered massive depression :

A patient who is depressed after a stroke also commonly suffers from emotional ability, the dramatic swing of emotions from tears to laughter and back. However, chemical changes caused by stroke may result in deeper depression and apathy, with the survivor appearing passive and detached, a state that will usually improve with time.

Denial process: I am concerned many factors like natural reaction can’t believe that such dramatic changes can occur so suddenly and unsuspectingly, loss money, family, credit card debt, house mortgage, car mortgage, social problem.

Anger process : Normally, anger gives in when the stroke survivor can no more deny that he has changed as a result of the stroke.

Depression process : Someday, I cried cannot believe I cannot walk, talk and write, in the result of imbalances in the brain’s chemistry.

Acceptance process : After 12 months, pointless now, get on my life, stroke rehabilitation is the key to get well.

Quoted : ” My friend say one thing Is for sure that what you to be smothered by pity and grief, hoping for a miracles science help me or I can put some efforts moves steps on therapy and rehabilitation. Nobody can help you for the rehabilitation unless you help yourself. ”

Rehabilitation and Therapy

For me, I have to go to Sau Seng Lum, Stroke rehabilitation center in Puchong, Malaysia. In the physiotherapy center, The center fully new equipped and latest state of art for the stroke rehabilitation. Stroke recovery can be a tedious process without the right rehabilitative equipment.

There are variety of techniques that are suited to different disabilities and situations. are 3 types therapy function as follows

Physiotherapy who specialized in maximizing a stroke survivor’s mobility and independence to improve major motive and receptive damages, such as walking, balance and coordination.

Occupational therapy specialized teaches the stroke victims how to compensate for difficulties after a stroke by prescribing activities that help regain lost functions.and to help them achieve which encourage health, prevent injury or disability and which acquire, better, sustain or restore the highest possible level of independence

Speech therapy specialized speech (voice, pitch contour, rate, loudness, articulation, vibrancy, fluency), language and communicative language (including reading and writing), and non-verbal communication such as facial expression, posture and gesture.


I want to apology and thank you to my wife and family because the burden,support and time is critical to successful rehabilitation. Family come to terms in offering methods for coping, contact with the support groups, and, in some cases, medication.

Family members, particularly the primary caregiver need to learn some of the fundamental elements of rehabilitation while the stroke survivor is still hospitalized. One of the most important things family and friends can do to help a stroke survivor is to get them out into the world as much as possible. Stroke survivors can face a variety of physical and mental disabilities that affect their daily lives and can create burden stresses for the family members and caregivers. Depression resulting from a stroke is one of the most difficult factors for a wife and family to deal with.

My GOAL is hoping to regain the use of his hand with the help of a physiotherapy rehabilitation. Someday in the physiotherapy center have feel increased joint pain in the hand and leg because of muscle weakness. All of their basic skills (talking, walking, handwriting, and concentration) become diminish when he or she is tired and or frustrated. Stroke survivors can have problems with balance during walking.

The main goals of stroke survivors are to prevent a second stroke and avoid any complications that may delay recovery process.



It’s A Shame For YOU Not To Start A New Second Life, STOP complaining and accept the reality becoming Stroke Survivor —————–

  • YOU Believe in yourself , do not say negative word die
  • YOU have had a STROKE, you are not DEAD, Get on with your life!
  • YOU want to get better, stop complaining for yourself. You have to work hard in rehabilitation therapy.
  • YOU look to the new future, and think what to plan for your 2nd life and forget the past. Past cannot help you.
  • YOU improve your memory and knowledge by further study
  • YOU seek support and consultation from (family, friends, caregiver & other stroke survivors)
  • YOU everyday have a sense of humor, happy go lucky.
  • YOU must be able to laugh at yourself In the mirror.
  • YOU and your body doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a whole new person.

I learn more from the book ” How To Start A Brand New life ! “ after stroke.

In the book to teach yourself how to everyday motivate your mind become better.

I highly recommend the Ebook ” How to Start A brand new life ! “ especially if you’re just starting new journey of your life.


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